The Best Religious Medals From The Past 20 Years

Religious medals are often a part of a group’s social and political identity, but their value and significance vary wildly from place to place.

This article takes a look at some of the best religious medals from the past 20 years.1.

The U.S. Air Force’s Purple Heart MedalThe Purple Heart was the second-highest award in the United States Armed Forces.

It was awarded to U.C. Berkeley students who were killed during the Vietnam War.

The award was first awarded in 1945.

In 1966, the Medal of Honor was established to commemorate the lives lost on the battlefield.

In 1968, the Army established the Purple Heart as a symbol of courage and sacrifice, a distinction it still holds.

The Purple Heart has been awarded to almost 1.6 million service members worldwide.2.

The Silver Star for valor, World War II medal, awarded to Americans who died in actionThe Silver Star is a World War I Medal of Valor awarded to those who served in the military.

It is the highest military decoration.

It can be earned through military service, active duty, or voluntary service.3.

The Medal of Honour for bravery and valor awarded by the British EmpireThe Medal of Honorable Merit, also known as the Medal for Merit for Valour, is awarded to British military personnel who have served in combat against the Axis powers during World War Two.

In recognition of their courage and valour, it was awarded by King George V in 1949.

In 1957, the medal was extended to British civilians serving in World War One.4.

The United States Marine Corps Medal of MeritThe Marine Corps’ Medal of the Merit is the second highest military award in American service history.

The medal is awarded annually to the nation’s most gallant, distinguished, and most gallantly distinguished Marines, Sailors, and Airmen.

It honors those who have given the highest degree of devotion, bravery, and valorous service.5.

The Vietnam War Medal of FreedomThe Vietnam War is a conflict that pitted the U.K. against South Vietnam in South Vietnam.

The war lasted from 1964 to 1973 and killed some 250,000 American and British troops.

The conflict was the largest military defeat in U.N. history.

Since the war, the United Kingdom has made numerous apologies for the war and has issued a list of 10 war-related medals that represent the sacrifices made by its soldiers.6.

The Golden Eagle for valour and sacrifice awarded by ItalyThe Golden Eagle was first given to soldiers who died during World Wars I and II.

It became the highest award for military service in World Wars III when the award was extended in 1979.

The bronze medal was awarded in 1990.

In 1996, the Gold Star Medal was awarded for bravery in combat.7.

The Royal Canadian Legion Medal for valorous conduct awarded to members of the Canadian Armed Forces, awarded annuallyThe Legion of Meritorious Service, or Legion of Valour was established in 1936 to recognize the sacrifice of Canadian soldiers in the Canadian Forces and the world, and for the extraordinary contribution made by their Canadian brothers and sisters.

The Legion of Honour is awarded by Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Royal Canadian Air Force, and the Royal Canadian Regiment.8.

The National Order of Merits awarded by The British Empire, the Queen’s Order of the Bath, and The Royal Order of Canada, awarded yearlyThe Queen’s Royal Merit was established by Queen Elizabeth I in 1869 and is an honorary title bestowed upon persons who have distinguished themselves by meritorious and worthy acts of valour or bravery.

It gives a special place to those deserving of this title.9.

The Order of St. Andrew, awarded by Queen Victoria to members who have contributed to the advancement of Queen Victoria’s political and economic interestsThe Order of British Empire is a British Crown decoration that is bestowed on members of Britain’s royal family.

It consists of the Order of Arms and the Order for Meritoriously Serving the Kingdom.

The Queen’s Medal of Excellence, awarded for service in the Royal Navy, was first granted in 1926.10.

The International Order of Malta (OIM) awarded annually by the United NationsThe International Order for Malta was created in 1951 and is awarded for the outstanding contribution of its members to the world community.

The OIM was established as an umbrella organization to promote international law, promote human rights and respect for the independence and sovereignty of nations.