Muslim clerics condemn cartoon cartoons

A number of Muslim clerics have condemned a cartoon published in the UK in which a cartoon of Muhammad was caricatured as a dog.

In the drawing, Muhammad is shown holding a “dog”.

“It is insulting to all people, and it is also very distasteful to Muslims,” Sheikh Ahmed al-Banna, head of the Muslim Council of Britain, said in a statement.

“The cartoon clearly shows that Muslims, unlike other religions, have no special status, and that they do not deserve to be called gods.”

We should be proud to be British, not proud to mock, to mock religion and to mock Islam.

“Muslim Council of UK chief executive Abdul Rahman said in the statement: “The depiction of Muhammad in this cartoon is insulting, distasteless and does not reflect the views of Muslims.””

The Council condemns all forms of violence and oppression of any kind.

This cartoon reflects that.””

As such, we are calling on the UK Government to revoke this copyright and remove it from the internet.

“The cartoon depicts Muhammad as a “cow”, while another portrays him as a cow and a human being.

The UK government is reviewing the copyright of cartoons of Islam after a UK-based group of Muslims issued a statement on Wednesday saying they did not agree with the cartoon and would “act in solidarity with the Muslim community”.

The British government has said it is investigating whether the cartoon is in breach of copyright.