When does a religious easter card become a meme?

I’ve always been interested in religious easters, so I decided to start my own.

The goal was to create a card that was a bit of a joke about religion, but not too far from the mark.

I wanted it to be a fun little easter for anyone who wanted a little fun to share with others.

I was able to pull together an idea of the type of card I wanted, which is an image of a religious cross and a symbol of the Bible.

I created a comic strip that I titled “The Bible and the Cross”, with the comic strip’s title as the title of the card.

I then drew it on the card, which was a black card with a red cross.

It had the name “Bible and the Crows” written on it.

I used a template for the comic book illustration.

I made the comic cover up using a white background and a black cover.

I put the black cover on the front, and I made a small, gold and silver cross on the back.

The card was ready to go when I was finished with the drawing and the comic.

I had the card printed out and sent it to my local library to have it scanned.

I printed the comic on an A4 sheet, and put it into a large black envelope.

I used an A3 poster as the cover for the card and used a 1:1 ratio to size the card with the poster, so that I could fit the comic onto the cover.

When I was done, I cut the card out and hung it on my wall.

I also created a template of the comic to draw a cross on top of.

It was a simple card, but a good one, because it was funny.

It’s funny because the title and image on the comic are a bit too far, but I love the title.

I think it’s funny that it’s an atheist and the image of the bible is pretty funny.

I hope it gets some attention.