Atheist, atheist family find new faith in Easter meme

Atheist and atheist family found new faith during Easter.

A couple who say they are religious have become the first in their family to celebrate the holiday with a literal Easter egg.

The family, who live in Los Angeles, California, said they were celebrating Easter with their two children at home last year.

The couple, who have been identified only as Dwayne and Julie, were at a wedding in Las Vegas when they started to wonder what Easter meant to them.

“The wedding reception was happening and we got to the altar and saw a sign on the altar that said ‘Easter egg’ and we thought, ‘Oh my God.

That’s the first thing that came to my mind,'” Dwayne said.

The wedding cake was decorated with a cross and Easter eggs and the couple said they found Easter eggs everywhere at the reception.

When the couple returned home, they began asking their mother and her family about Easter.

The next day, they went to church to celebrate Easter and started taking pictures of their eggs.

“My mom said, ‘We have to go to church on Easter.

I don’t want to get a wedding cake,’ ” Julie said.

The couple went back to church and the eggs were there.

The eggs were so valuable to the couple that they decided to keep them for themselves.””

I said, OK, I’m open to it, but I’m not open to them getting me an Easter egg,” Julie said with a laugh.

The eggs were so valuable to the couple that they decided to keep them for themselves.

“I have so many Easter eggs that I have to take to church every year,” Julie told ABC News.

“My mother doesn’t want any of them, but my dad loves them so much.”ABC News’ Alex Lantos contributed to this report.