How to use a candle to turn off the apocalypse

An austere Christian has created a new candle that makes it easier to see the end of the world as the end is nigh.

The Australian is reporting the development of the Candle of Light, which was created by a man named Chris.

The candle has a light source that shines through glass, making it easy to see if the world is going to end.

“This candle is the culmination of years of research into the subject of the apocalypse,” Chris told The Australian newspaper.

“It is a candle that has been created by one man using a simple piece of glass.”

When you put the candle in the glass it gives off a light that is almost invisible to the naked eye.

“The candle is made of a lightweight, carbon-fibre polymer.

Chris said the polymer absorbs infrared light from the sun and converts it into heat that heats the glass.

Chris is an Australian-born evangelical Christian who converted to Islam at age 25 and is now a retired scientist.

He is known for using the candle to help him deal with his fears of the end.

Chris believes the candle could help people avoid looking at their phones during the apocalypse, but he is not planning on using it for this purpose.”

I don’t see the point in using it,” he said.”

But if people do, I would be happy to take it.

“Chris is not the first to have developed a candle.

A similar device was created in 2005 by a French man named Nicolas Guillemette, who is now living in the US.

The Candle of Lights was designed by an Australian university student and his wife to help people prepare for the end and stop living a lie.

Chris said the candle will be available to purchase at the start of the year.