The ‘religious icon’ is dead, but the ‘spiritual icon’ lives on

As we all know, the most powerful thing in life is love, and as the world becomes more religious, so does the iconography of religion.

It’s no wonder then, that for some of the world’s most prominent religions, religious icons have become relics of the past.

Take the Church of Scientology.

As a global cult that has existed for more than a century, it’s no surprise that the church’s iconic “Sign of the Cross” has become the symbol of their cult.

However, while the “Sign” is a modern religious icon, the Church’s “Icon of Truth” has remained a symbol of the church for over a century.

And while “Icon” may not be the best name for a symbol, it does capture the essence of the “spiritual” of Scientology: The church has long been known for their dedication to truth.

And the Church is also famous for having some of their most iconic religious symbols and icons in their own language.

Here’s a look at some of these icons, as well as some of them that were not.


The Sign of the Sea Scientology’s symbol of truth is a “sign of the sea.”

While the “sign” was designed by the Sea Org, the actual symbol is not.

Scientologists use the “Sea Org” as a reference to their hierarchy, which is divided into seven levels.

The “Sea” is the “highest” level.

The Sea Orgs have control over the entire world of Scientology, but are kept at a low level of security, since they have to work behind the scenes to maintain the illusion of secrecy.

When people believe that they are being visited by “The Sea Orgg,” they are actually being watched by a group of people who have no direct knowledge of the group.

The symbol is meant to reflect the fact that there are a lot of people that work for the Church, but there are no direct members.

And, when a Scientologist comes into contact with the “The Sign of The Sea,” it becomes clear that the person who is in charge of the entire organization has no direct authority over them.


The Symbol of the Mountain The Mountain, a symbolic symbol of “truth,” is a symbol that the Church has used for thousands of years.

The symbol is a long white rope that forms a horizontal line that connects the sign to the horizon.

In Scientology, the “Mountain” is called the “Foster” and is one of the many symbols of the Church.

It is also a symbol used by the church to help keep people in line and in line with the church.

In fact, the symbol is so well known that the phrase “the Foster” has been used by Scientologists for thousands, if not millions, of years to signify that they have a leader.

A person who goes to the “foster” is supposed to learn the “Truth.”

Scientologia uses the symbol to refer to the organization as “The Foundation.”

The Symbol of Love is the Heart of Scientology The “Heart of Scientology” is an abstract symbol that Scientologists use to symbolize their organization.

It stands for the “Great Architect of the Universe,” the “Creator God,” and the “Seal of the Omnipotent.”

The Heart of the Foundation is a huge, bright, red, red-purple, gold, and silver heart.

While it is a powerful symbol, the Heart symbol does not necessarily represent love.

It is instead an abstraction that represents the power of the organization.

The Heart symbol has been shown to have a lot more meaning than the “Heart” itself.


The Church Symbol of “Truth” (Crest) When it comes to symbols of religion, the symbols of Scientology are pretty diverse.

Some, like the “Crest,” are more religious than others.

Crests can be a little confusing to people who are not familiar with them.

But the Church uses them to refer back to the church hierarchy, the Holy Office, and to the hierarchy of the Scientologists themselves.

“The Crest” is symbolic of the power that the Scientology hierarchy has.


The Symbols of the Family As mentioned above, the symbolism of the family is very much an abstract concept, and is often used to represent a very specific set of values or beliefs.

However, the Family Symbols have always been a symbol for the entire church.

They are a symbol representing the people of Scientology and the people in general.

The symbols can be used to show one’s loyalty to the group, to demonstrate support for the organization, or to show a sense of belonging to the family.


The Spiritual Icon of the Holy Organization Scientological iconography is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Organization of Scientology is also called the Church or the Holy Family. Its