‘The most beautiful game ever’: NHL stars get ready for next season

By JEFFERSON WOODDEN – NFL.COM StaffThe Stanley Cup is one of the most beautiful games ever played, and a lot of people love to show off their appreciation.

But in a game like hockey, the best way to show your appreciation is to win.

So here are some of the best shots of the Stanley Cup Playoffs so far.1.

This is the most gorgeous shot of all.2.

How about this?3.


That’s a nice shot.4.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.5.

Can we get this one?6.

I don’t think this is a shot, but I think it’s the winner.7.

Let’s hope they don’t get another one.8.

It’s like we are seeing this every day.9.

It looks like this could be a really nice shot if they get another.10.

That’s some beautiful goal celebration.11.

Let me tell you something, they might get another, too.12.

This shot is like the one they did with the Stanley Cups.13.

I’m sure it will be a nice one.14.

That looks like it could be the winner for this one.15.

They need to get this shot.16.

There are so many beautiful shots of this Stanley Cup Playoff game.17.

I know they can do it!18.

Let it be a celebration.19.

I like the way this looks.20.

That was a beautiful shot.21.

It just looked like the puck went through the legs of a goalie.22.

They are going to need that.23.

They have a little celebration right now.24.

I am so excited.25.

This one is amazing.26.

I love this shot of that goalie.27.

It is a great shot, too, though.28.

This looks like they are going for a goal.29.

That is some beautiful goalie celebration.30.

They probably have to score, but they are doing it.31.

I think they are getting it, too!32.

I really think they should score that.33.

I was so excited, too: “They are doing that!”34.

The puck just hits that goalie!35.

The fans are really cheering them on.36.

Let the celebration begin.37.

It will be awesome.38.

The goal celebration is really going to take over.39.

The way they are cheering on this goal is so cool.40.

This was a great goal celebration from the crowd.41.

It really was a special celebration from fans.42.

The goalie was great, too (for his team).43.

It was a nice celebration from this goalie.44.

You just see the reaction from the fans.45.

I have never seen a celebration like this one from a fan.46.

The hockey world is just going to go crazy!47.

I just love this goal celebration, too!: The crowd is singing their hearts out.: The fans go nuts!: They are dancing.: The goalie is dancing.: It was really cool.: The goal is being celebrated.: They are making this a celebration.: Fans are going crazy!