How to take a selfie without being ‘flagged’

A photo of a baby in a white dress and a white hijab is one of the best ways to express one’s devotion to Allah.

The photo of the child was taken in New York on Monday, as part of a campaign by Muslim organizations to raise awareness about the importance of hijab and other hijab-related symbols of Islam.

The video, which shows a group of children dressed in white, was shot by a member of the group in a New York subway station in front of a hijab-wearing woman, who was wearing a headscarf.

The image was posted on social media by an activist who goes by the handle @HijabCup.

It has more than 15,000 shares and nearly a million views on YouTube.

A spokesman for the New York Muslim Council told The Jerusalem Report the group did not plan to protest or disrupt the event.

However, the group said it was “deeply disturbed” by the photo and the group’s message to the public.

“I’m just glad that the public and the media have seen what hijab means,” the spokesman said.

“There’s no room in our society for racism and prejudice.

I think it’s really important to show respect to other religions and cultures.”

The photo has been viewed more than 1.6 million times and has been shared by Muslims around the world.