How to use your Twitter account for your faith

The most popular football fansites have a list of the most influential footballers from different countries, and you can also search for the words “fansite” and “fandoms”.

For example, you can search for “Ferguson” and get a list with players from England, Spain, Portugal, Germany and England’s former team Manchester United.

Or, you could search for a team name and get an article about the team’s most influential players, like “Real Madrid” or “Porto”.

And if you’re looking for the most popular Spanish words, you might want to start with “santurro” or the Spanish words “suñar” and “el salado”.

You can also add hashtags like #mamemorir,#lucosos and #tourismo, which can also be helpful for those searching for a specific country. 

But for the sake of simplicity, here’s a quick guide on how to use Twitter for your favourite football teams. 

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