Why Religion Is So Important

Religious beliefs and practices have long been an important part of people’s lives.

But the rise of the Internet and social media has made religion a topic of conversation for many, especially in the United States.

And that has brought a flood of memes that use religious imagery and memes to help people find answers to their religious problems.

Here are 10 memes that show the importance of religious faith and what people can do to understand their faith.


“A new religion is born, but the religion will be different.”

— The Internet meme, created in response to the #TheReligionEaster meme, shows a cartoon of a person praying.

The cartoon shows a person wearing a prayer hood, holding a candle, and praying.

A woman is seen sitting in the background with a Bible and a Bible cover.

“There is no god, but there are no gods and there is no afterlife,” the caption reads.

A number of other messages on the cartoon show images of religious symbols or scripture and a quote from Jesus, the author of the book of Matthew.


“If you have a good faith belief that something good is about to happen, then do it.”

— An image of a prayer circle with the words “Good faith is the key to all the mysteries of the afterlife.”


“Do you want to be a good friend?

Do you want someone to love you and give you their support?

Do they want to love your life, too?”

— The cartoon has the caption, “Do I want a good relationship?

Do I want someone who I can trust?

Do we want to live in a world where everyone knows we are all in it together?”

The text on the top of the cartoon reads, “Good love will make you a good neighbor, and a good religion will make the world a better place.”


“The word ‘atheist’ is just an umbrella term for many different kinds of people, including those who believe in a higher power or a deity, and those who do not believe in God.”

— This graphic is from a “Do You Want to be Atheist” Facebook post.

The caption reads, “‘The word atheist’ is an umbrella word for many other kinds of humans, including but not limited to those who identify as atheists, agnostics, and skeptics.”


“Religion is a great source of hope.”

— A message that has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook.

The message, which says, “Religious beliefs are a source of strength and a means to help others,” states, “If the world is going to be saved, it is going a lot better if people are willing to embrace their faith and the hope that comes with it.”


“God is a big, powerful force.

If you want a better life, then believe in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

— Another message from an Atheist Facebook page.

The “The Power of Jesus Christ” cartoon says, “‘God is the greatest force in the universe.

“How do you know if you are an atheist? “

Look at this.” “

How do you know if you are an atheist?

Look at this.”

— From a meme shared on a Facebook page that encourages people to “look at the Bible” and “check your own conscience.”

The meme asks, “What if I didn’t know anything about God?

If I did, would I be an atheist?”


“No, I don’t want to get rid of religion, but I don, either.”

— Some memes that say, “I don’t believe in it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not an atheist.”

The caption says, in part, “No matter what religion you are, you will be happy in your own way, even if it means you stop believing in the gods.

The key to happiness is to be happy regardless of your religion.”


“Everywhere I go, people tell me, ‘We love you.

You’re such a good person.'”

— This image is from an image of an American flag and a caption that says, “(1) You love everyone, and (2) you’re not afraid to be the best version of yourself.”

The message on the flag says, “[I]t is a wonderful thing that people love you.”


“You don’t have to like it to know it’s wrong.”

— “Love,” the meme says, and then shows a picture of a child with a heart on his face.

The child is crying.

“That’s a great image,” the text reads.

The text continues, “This message is a reminder to all of you that you can’t love everything and everything is good.

This is not the way you love yourself.”