NFL’s Week 6 NFL Playoff Games preview

The NFL is hosting its Week 6 playoff games on Sunday, and with the NFL Draft just days away, the stakes are higher than ever.

The games, in addition to the playoff bracket, also will have the final playoff picks in the first round.

Here are five things you need to know about Week 6’s playoff games.1.

Who’s the best team in the AFC East?AFC East standings: 1.

Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0)2.

New England Patriots (2-1)3.

Atlanta Falcons (3 and 2)4.

Baltimore Ravens (3, 2)5.

New York Jets (2, 2, 1)The AFC East is set to be one of the best divisions in the NFL over the next five weeks, with the division leading the way in wins and total points.

The Ravens, who are also coming off a win in Week 1, have the No. 1 overall seed in the division heading into Sunday’s game.

The Ravens are leading the AFC North at 4-0, but they have a lot of work to do to get back on track.

The Steelers are at 3-0 heading into the matchup, but are just one loss away from a tiebreaker over the Steelers.

The Patriots, meanwhile, are still riding high from their win over the Jets in Week 2.

The Patriots’ offense is finally clicking after the team was hit hard by injury during the season, but it’s still early in the season and the Patriots still have work to accomplish before they can take the lead.

They have to find a way to get Brady healthy for the playoffs, but a win on Sunday would give them the top seed.

The Falcons, meanwhile have a shot to take home the AFC South title.

They beat the Jaguars in Week 4, but Atlanta is coming off back-to-back losses.

Atlanta is a very talented team and the Falcons have the opportunity to become the first team since 2000 to win three straight playoff games in the NFC East.2.

Who’s the No .

1 seed in NFC East?1.

New Orleans Saints (4-0)*2.

Carolina Panthers (3 -1)*3.

Green Bay Packers (3.5 -1)*4.

Dallas Cowboys (3 (0 -1))*5.

Arizona Cardinals (3 (-1 -1)-1)The NFC East is the most competitive division in the league right now, with New Orleans and Carolina leading the NFC West.

The Panthers are coming off their biggest win of the season in Week 5, but the Saints are coming into the weekend on the back of back- to-back wins.

The Cowboys are tied with the Saints for the top spot in the West.

The Packers and Cowboys have the same number of wins as Week 1’s tiebreakers, but have the top seeds in each division.

The NFC East still has a lot to prove after Week 1.

The NFC North is the division that will be watching Sunday’s matchup between the Eagles and Vikings.

The Eagles beat the Vikings in Week 3 and are currently in second place in the conference.

The Eagles have lost three of their last four games, but their offense has been clicking after they suffered a setback in Week 6 against the Cardinals.

The Vikings are just three wins away from being undefeated heading into Week 6.3.

Who is the No 1 seed heading into Atlanta’s matchup with the Falcons?1,2.

Dallas Saints (1.5-1)*3.

Carolina Steelers (1-1)-3.

Chicago Bears (1 -2)-4.

Philadelphia Eagles (1, 1, 0)The Falcons are looking to become just the second team since 1997 to win four straight playoff contests.

They are currently tied with New England for the league lead.

The Bears are tied for first in the North, but look to have a tough challenge in their next two games.

The Giants are the No 10 seed heading to Atlanta, and the Eagles are looking for a big game after their win in Philly.

The Panthers have been in the playoffs since 2009, but had to play the Patriots in Week 12 due to the birth of a first child.

Carolina has won five straight games, including a win over Green Bay in Week 10.

The Steelers are in the thick of things in the East, and they are just two games behind the Giants for the No 2 seed heading in to the game.

The Falcons have won five in a row, but there is still plenty of work left for them to win five games to tie the Patriots and the Steelers, and potentially steal the No 4 seed.4.

Who has the No 3 seed heading for the Falcons’ game with the Eagles?1.,2.

Philadelphia Phillies (1.-1)-5.

Atlanta Braves (1)-5.

Baltimore Orioles (1)-6.

Cincinnati Reds (1)*7.

Tampa Bay Rays (1 (0)-1)*8.

New Jersey Yankees (1 (-1)-2)-9.

Texas Rangers (1,-1)-