Why do some Canadians find religious head covers so uncomfortable?

NEW YORK — The coverings worn by many Americans may have evolved from their days as missionaries in the Far East, but some Canadian Christians say their beliefs have evolved with it.

“They’re not just wearing hats, they’re not wearing anything like that,” said Richard Bresciani, who heads the International Centre for the Study of Counter-Revisionism.

He said the covers have become more common in recent years in part because of a number of factors.

Brescieri said some religious head coverers are made from polyester and are made to be worn by men or women.

Another reason, he said, is the fact that a number Muslim countries have instituted policies that require head cover in public places.

The head covering is typically a garment that covers the head, neck and chest and covers the eyes.

Some countries, like Saudi Arabia, mandate head cover for all employees.

But Brescaisi said that does not mean all Muslims in the Middle East have embraced the head cover.

There are a lot of people who are not comfortable with it,” he said.

Muslim women in the region are also being asked to cover up, but are still allowed to wear their headscarves.

Other religious leaders in the U.S. say it is their right to wear the head covering. In the U