How to find a secular Easter wallpaper

An ancient religious text on the wall of a home in Melbourne’s inner west is up for auction after its owner donated her own money.

The religious text by the Buddhist scholar, Reverend Anandagiri, has been the subject of a long and contentious debate in Melbourne, with some of the texts being considered to be non-Buddhist, such as the Buddha’s teachings on morality and vegetarianism.

But in December last year, the auction house Christie’s sold the house where the text was kept and gave the proceeds to the Melbourne Community Foundation.

“I’m really grateful to Christie’s, who made this possible,” said Ms O’Neill.

The Foundation has used the money to install new solar panels, to repair a hole in the wall and to renovate the property, which was bought by the foundation in January 2017.

It’s been a long time since a piece of art has been displayed in a home.

“We’re really delighted that the foundation is making this happen, and I hope the same for other houses that are under renovation,” Ms O’toh said.

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