Why the new NHL religious icon is a must-have

The NHL is trying to create an inclusive fan base.

But it’s been tough.

That’s why the NHL’s new religious icon, a gold religious bead necklace, is a sure-fire must-get.

The religious beads are part of a $50 million program to celebrate Easter, and they’re part of the NHLs $100 million religious education effort.

“We want people to see the beads as a positive symbol of unity,” said NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, who oversees the program.

“That’s why we’re giving away them to our players, coaches, staff and our community.”

The beads are being handed out at NHL games in St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Chicago.

The NHL plans to give away the beads at a total of 1,200 NHL games.

In the past, NHL players and coaches wore the beads for religious purposes, but Daly said that wasn’t a good idea for a player or coach who is still in the game.

The NHL is making the religious beads available to players and coaching staff for the first time.

It’s part of its $50M religious education program to provide an education on faith and family.

Players will get a personalized instruction on faith in the first week of the league’s season.

The beads will be handed out starting in March.

The program is being rolled out to teams and players, Daly said.

A few players have already worn the beads during games, but it’s the first in the NHL, Daly added.

The players are getting more comfortable with wearing the beads in the locker room, Daly told the Associated Press.

“This is a way for our players to show that we are all in this together and we’re all a part of this.

And the beads are the way they show that they are a part in this,” Daly said, according to the AP.

Some players are wearing the religious jewelry on the ice to show they are on the same page with the team.

“They’re a really important part of what we do, so when you have them on the field it’s a way to get a sense of unity with the players and our staff, Daly explained.

For example, during the season, the league will donate a percentage of its ticket sales to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to fund its work on mental health and substance abuse prevention.

Other teams and coaches are also using the beads to communicate with fans.

Daly told the AP that teams will be able to make a donation of up to 25% of the ticket price to the charity.

The NHL and the St. John’s IceCaps have teamed up to distribute the beads throughout the season.

The St. Joe’s IceMen wore the gold beads during the playoffs.

The Calgary Hitmen wore the same beads during their first-round series against the Minnesota Wild in 2017.